Mac and Hawes have performed in many different settings and offer customized entertainment to fit your occasion perfectly. With compact production they can travel to any location; local to nationwide.

For testimonials and more information on some of the types of shows Mac & Hawes specialize in, please click on the links below.


Weddings require the perfect entertainment to make the night memorable and fun for everyone.  
Private Parties
Nothing picks up a house party like live music.  Mac and Hawes have the experience to get your house, cottage, or cabin rocking (and people dancing). 
Mac and Hawes bring a high level of experience to the table when it comes to corporate functions.
Pubs and Bars
In the maritimes when you walk into a bar, the energy of the crowd tells a lot.. If you see people dancing, drinking, and having a good time, that tells you you are at a great bar.